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Jewelry - a symbol of love and happiness. When you are looking to express you feelings to that someone special in your life. Jewelry makes a perfect gift.

Premium quality jewelry is now available on the Internet. Some of the worlds largest diamond jewelry brokers and diamond jewelry wholesalers now sell their diamond jewelry direct to you! Buying your jewelry at wholesale prices can save you thousands. The quality of the jewelry that you will find is much better than retail jewelry. And a wholesale jewelry price is unbeatable.

This site is designed to assist you in finding fine wholesale jewelry on the Internet.

Jewelry, fine jewelry and wholesale jewelry

Jewelry - Guide to buying your diamond jewelry wholesale
  1. Always demand that your diamond jewelry has a diamond certificate for your diamonds. The jewelry should come with a certificate from a independant diamond grading lab such as the GIA, HRD or AGS. AGS certified diamonds are one of the toughest diamond certificate at this time. Good diamond wholesalers will explain the differences with these certificates. Smaller diamonds of 1/2 carat and under are generally not certified. Its best to deal with a reputable diamond wholesaler when purchasing these uncertified diamonds.

  2. When buying your jewelry educate yourself. You're spending what amounts to a car on your diamond jewelry. Take the time to learn about diamonds and diamond jewelry. An excellent diamond tutorial is a good place to start.

  3. All jewelry is not created equal. Cheap jewelry manufactured in Southeast Asia is found in most retail mall jewelry stores. This jewelry is easily identified by the inferior workmanship. Tell tale signs include the jewelry gold or platinum being hollowed out. A cheaply made jewelry piece will feel much lighter because of the metal removed. On the other side of the jewelry scale, very high end jewelry stores carry jewelry made by Swiss craftsmen. They charge tremendous prices for this fine jewelry. However they typically buy this premium jewelry from wholesale jewelry manufacturers. These are the same diamond jewelry wholesalers that are now selling jewelry direct to you.

  4. Decide on what quality diamond you want in your jewelry. There is a tremendous variation in price for the same size diamond. Diamond experts recommend that your diamond jewelry priorities should be. Diamond cut quality, diamond color, diamond carat, diamond clarity. Since the quality of the diamond cut is what gives the jewelry the brilliance and shine its important to choose an excellent to ideal cut diamond in your jewelry. Most retail jewelry stores carry diamonds of poor to medium quality. Secondly diamond color is very important to its appearance. Diamond experts agree that a certified diamond like a GIA HRD or AGS certified diamond of H color and above is a excellent diamond color for your jewelry. Next carat weight is a important factor for diamond jewelry. Yes guys size does matter! Clarity is important since you don't want to see any carbon or inclusions in your diamond jewelry. By choosing a diamond of VS2 clarity you won't see any inclusions in you diamond jewelry. Buying a higher clarity is good for investment purposes but since its not visible to the public is not a significant factor for most people. Also where you diamond is coming from may be important. For environmental and ethical Canadian diamonds are available from Canada's arctic Northwest Territories.

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Jewelry, platinum jewelry, engagement rings, fine jewelry and wholesale jewelry

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